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Best Live Betting Site in India

So you want to experience the thrill of live betting? Then you have come to the right place. We will help you get set up on the best live betting sites in India!

Most of the betting sites operating in India have very good live betting services.

Bookmakers understand the importance of having a vibrant live betting service; hence, they all go the extra mile to beef up this aspect so as to stay ahead of the competition.

But after a thorough review of the numerous live betting sites in the country, we concluded that 1xBet offers the best live betting service in India.

1xBet: Best live betting site in India

1xBet is hands down the best live betting site in India. In arriving at this conclusion, we considered several factors, including the size of the live betting market, live betting odds, ease of registration, payment methods, betting features, customer service, and welcome bonus.

1xBet is not the best in all of these departments- that is practically impossible- but this betting site adequately covers all of these factors.

A stand-out feature of 1xBet is the size of the live betting market, which spans a wide range of sports including football, cricket, volleyball, tennis and basketball.

1xBet has an enormous live betting market, furnished with diverse betting options!

The bookmaker also has a live betting section on ESports, as well as less popular sports like snooker and boat race! The beauty of 1xBet is not just in the number of sports in the sportsbook, but also, the incredible amount of betting options available under each sport.

To boost the live betting experience, this bookmaker has tools like in-game stats, virtual live feed, multi-live, 1xZone, and live streaming of selected events- all of which increase the bettor’s chances of winning.

Another thing that makes 1xBet great is that the site accepts our Indian Rupees, and allows several payment methods. Depositing money on 1xBet should not constitute any problems.

To cap it all, 1xBet offers a sumptuous welcome bonus to new customers, valued at 100% of first deposits. To access this great offer, click the claim button below, register, claim your bonus, and start live betting!


Well, you can live bet on a variety of sports, from cricket to tennis, football to basketball, and many more. Here in India, we watch plenty of cricket and football and also place lots of live bets on these sports.

Most of the bookmakers operating in India are very dedicated to our favorite sports, covering a wide range of events around the globe.

Cricket live betting

Imagine watching the Indian national team at the World Cup and being able to bet on who will score the next run or who will take the next wicket… This is what you can do when live betting on cricket!

Some fans are too emotionally invested in the fortunes of our national team and cannot live bet on their matches, but some of us are ice cool, and enjoy the pleasure of watching our heroes and betting on them at the same time!

Cricket live betting is a tremendously exciting and thrilling experience!

Because of the unique scoring system of the sport, cricket live betting offers bettors plenty of possibilities. Obviously, you can live bet the match-winner, but you can also dig into more exciting options.

The best cricket live betting sites have options in runs, wickets, boundaries, sixes, balls, overs, innings, modes of dismissal and a variety of other options.

Of course, coverage is not only restricted to the Indian national team, as you will also find all the big international series like the Ashes on most betting sites in this country. You can also live bet on matches in the big leagues, including Australia’s Big Bash and our own Indian Premier League!

To start live betting on cricket, sign up with any of bookmakers we are recommending on this site, and start betting on your favorite tournaments!

Betway: best cricket live betting site

Betway offers an excellent live betting experience – especially when it comes to cricket.

They’ve got so many cricket matches you can live bet on, ranging from IPL matches to Big Bash, Test Matches, ODI’s and much more.

The Betway live betting platform is intuitive and easy to use. It gives you a great perspective on the cricket match you are live betting on, allowing you to view a virtual edition of the match and see many important statistics, analysis, commentaries and more.

If you are looking to start off your live betting adventure, we recommend that do so on Betway because of the ease of use and navigation on the site.

Inside that basic appearance, Betway boasts a vibrant cricket live betting market, spanning all the major countries and tournaments, and presenting a myriad of betting options.

Betway is perfectly suited to the Indian bettor, as it allows us to fund our accounts in Rupees, and offers convenient payment methods.

Like all great bookmakers, Betway has a very attractive welcome bonus, ensuring that new customers build a good betting balance at the onset of their betting adventure.

Click the “Join Betway Now” button below, to access the wonderful welcome bonus, and all of the awesome live betting features on the site!

Betway live betting India


While betting on live events, you can make use of several tools to enhance the experience and boost your chances of winning your live bets.

In-play betting, like all forms of online gambling, is heavily dependent on luck, but you can increase your chance of success by studying and utilizing these tools.

Let us now examine some of these features in more detail.

  • In-game stats
  • Virtual live feeds
  • Multi-live
  • Cash out
  • Live streaming


In-game stats are very useful in live betting, especially when you are not watching the event. The stats give bettors a fair idea of how the event is progressing and dictates what live bets to place. Most betting sites have this feature.

A typical football match will include stats like ball possession, shots on goal, corner kicks, fouls, cards, dangerous attacks and many more.

By carefully studying these numbers, you can deduce the state of the game, and make more accurate calls on what will happen next.


Virtual live feed nicely complements the in-game stats, as it provides a more visual representation of the event. Using the football example from above, a typical virtual live feed will show the exact position of the football, and an arrow to indicate the direction of the current attack.

These feeds also let you know when there are important situations like free kicks, corner kicks, and red cards. It is the closest you can come to watching the event, without actually watching the event.

Combined with in-game stats, virtual live feeds give you a detailed description of what’s happening in the live match, which in turn aids your live betting choices.


Multi-Live is a feature that allows you to track multiple live events at the same time. Present on sites like 1xBet and Betwinner, this feature is extremely useful when you have multiple live matches on your accumulator.

When you click on the multi-live option on the live betting page, your screen clears up, allowing you to input as many live matches as possible. You can then track the matches via in-game stats, virtual live feeds, and live streaming, if available.


Cash out is the function that allows you to end your bets and recoup some money. It’s an innovative feature that has become very popular amongst bookmakers and bettors alike.

To understand how cash out works, let us consider an IPL match between the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians.

You have placed a live bet on Chennai scoring over 200 runs in the first innings, but they are struggling at 50-4 in the tenth over, with their best batsmen back in the shed.

The cash out option allows you to take control of your live bets.

A betting company may offer you the option to end your bets and cash out. The value of the cash out amount is dependent on how close you are to winning your bets. In the above example, since it is highly unlikely that the Super Kings reach 200, the cash out figure will be less than your initial stake.

While you will incur a loss, cash out gives you the opportunity to minimize your losses.

On the other hand, if you are close to winning your bets, for instance, if Chennai are 160-4 in the 15th over, with MS Dhoni still at the crease, your cash out value will definitely be greater than your stake, and a lot closer to your potential winnings.

Note that cash out options are not available on all bets, neither are they available at all times, so keep an eye out for these offers so that you don’t miss out on them!


Live streaming is the phenomenal betting feature that allows you to watch matches as they happen. This is a massive upgrade on virtual live feeds as you can see the actual event as it is taking place! There is no better way to track a live match!

Because of the financial and technical requirements of this service, live streaming isn’t as prevalent as some of the other betting features. If you are looking for the best live streaming service in India, look no further than Bet365!

Bet365: the biggest live streaming service in the world

Live streaming makes it more entertaining to live bet on your favorite games!

When you’re live betting, what could be more fun and more important than to watch the game LIVE while you’re betting on it? This will allow you to spot all the important details of the game and make the best possible decision when you place your live bet!

When it comes to live streaming, no one does it better than Bet365! This global juggernaut has a gigantic live streaming service that covers a vast array of sports.

You can live stream some of our major sports like cricket and football, as well as less popular ones like snooker and bowls. The Bet365 live streaming service is as comprehensive as it gets.

Live streaming on Bet365 is free of charge. However, you must have a small amount in your betting account OR must have placed a bet within the last 24 hours in order to view Bet365 streams.

So if you are ready to live stream your favorite sporting events, go ahead and open a Bet365 account. As if this great feature is not enough, Bet365 also offers new customers a very attractive welcome bonus. Check it out!

Is it possible to make money from live betting?

Yes, it is very possible to make money from live betting. However, it is important to note that live betting is very dependent on luck, just like other forms of online gambling.

You can be an expert at reading and analyzing matches, but you cannot control the eventual outcome of live events.

To boost your chances of winning, make sure you do plenty of research, and make use of live betting tools like in-game stats, virtual live feed and live streaming, when available.

Now that you know about live betting and how to make the best use of this terrific feature, go ahead and sign up with any of the bookmakers we have recommended on this site and experience the thrill of the live betting adventure!