Modern betting platform with all the latest features

ComeOn! is a super-modern betting platform that offers many of the latest betting features that you would expect from a modern betting site.

The ComeOn interface is user-friendly, and easily gives you access to their sizeable sportsbook that covers 29 sports. This is pretty similar to other big betting sites in India such as Bet365.

So if you are looking for a new betting site that is totally up to date and contains all the latest betting features, then ComeOn! is your go-to site!

Unique bazaar full of awesome betting promos

ComeOn! is one of the only betting sites we’ve come across which has a bazaar where you can buy a range of different betting promos and bonuses, such as free bets and more.

On ComeOn you can buy your own bonuses using coins you earn when placing bets and playing games!Bonuses can be purchased using coins, a special currency found on ComeOn. Coins are earned in different ways, such as when placing bets, playing casino games, verifying your identity, mobile number, and more.

Aside from offering a phenomenal sportsbook, ComeOn also consists of a magnificent with a huge number of high-quality casino games.

The online casino gives you access to all your favorite classic casino games like roulette and blackjack, along with a great selection of slot machines that you probably haven’t tried before!

To top it off, ComeOn also has a fabulous LIVE casino with real-life professional dealers.

So if you’re crazy about casino, ComeOn will not disappoint you!

Come On Betting Site

What we dislike about ComeOn!

ComeOn charges a fee when you deposit money

The biggest drawback of using ComeOn is that they charge a deposit fee for every deposit that you make.

The fee is 2.5% which may not sound like a lot, but it means that for a 10,000 rupee deposit, you will be paying 250 INR in fees.

This may not sound like a lot but over the course of several deposits, it becomes quite a bit of money.

Here on MyBetting, we believe that charging a deposit fee is an absolute no-no, and we sincerely hope that ComeOn will give up this practice soon.

Welcome bonus wagering requirements are too high

Like all other great betting sites, ComeOn offers a welcome bonus to new players.

This in itself is a good thing, but the negative aspect is how the welcome bonus from ComeOn has a wagering requirement that is much higher than most other betting welcome bonuses.

The ComeOn bonus wagering is x17, which means that the bonus must be wagered 17 times before you can withdraw it.

In comparison, the wagering requirement for the bonus on Betway is only x3, so that’s obviously a very big difference.

ComeOn: Our Verdict

ComeOn is one of the fastest-growing betting sites in India, and this is no accident. With the wide range of betting options and casino games, ComeOn offers one of the most comprehensive gambling experiences that can be found in India.

However, these benefits come at a cost. There are a couple of major drawbacks to ComeOn such as the absurd 2,5% deposit fee and the fact that their welcome bonus is beset with awfully high wagering requirements.

Although the disadvantages are big, we don’t consider them obstructive to the overall betting experience on ComeOn which is actually really good and enjoyable.

For that reason, we still consider ComeOn a great betting site, we just hope they will fix these issues, and that would really put ComeOn into the big league!

If you want to take ComeOn for a spin, then hit the button below to set up an account and start betting on ComeOn today!

Come On Welcome Bonus


If you have decided that ComeOn is the right betting site for you, then you are now ready to take the first step: setting up a ComeOn account.

Setting up an account on ComeOn is very easy. Actually, it’s easier than most other betting sites.

ComeOn account registration takes no more than 2 minutes to complete!

Just follow the steps below and we’ll have your account set up in no time!

ComeOn Signup

  1. Click the button to Join ComeOn. You will be taken to the ComeOn website.
  2. Then click on the Join Now button. Now you will see a registration form.
  3. Fill in the registration form and click on Register. And you’re done!

That’s it, your ComeOn account is active and ready to go!You are now ready for step 2: making a deposit on your new ComeOn account.