What is a Cashback Promotion?

Cashback promotions are designed to help you win back some of the losses that you may incur while betting online.

This means that when you bet online, the betting site gives you an offer to get back a certain percentage of the money that you lose in a bet.

Example: a betting site may offer you a 10% cashback. So if you end up losing the stake, you can at least get back 10% of the money that you put into the original wager.

How do Cashback Promotions work?

Cashback promotions are pretty popular amongst punters who bet regularly.

Since losses can be a natural consequence of betting online, it can be a great advantage to win at least some of your money back. These Cashback rewards can help you recoup your loss and try your luck at making a profit through another bet.

It is important to note, however, that most cashback promotions come back to you in the form of website credits and not actual money that you can withdraw. But you can use these credits to place new bets in the future and can easily make a decent amount of profit the next time you win!

Cashback gets refunded to your account as credits that you can use when making future wagers.

Additionally, cashback promotions often have minimum and maximum bet amounts in order for the punter to qualify for the specific promotion. So you may have to place a bet amounting a minimum price in order to receive the Cashback.

Similarly, there might also be a maximum amount of cashback that you can earn in the offer. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for you to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of each Cashback Promotion you may claim.


Which betting sites offer the best Cashback Promotions in India?

Almost all betting sites have one or more cashback promotions for their users. And Cashback Promotions are very common on most betting sites.

But there are a few sites that offer the best Cashback offers and you should know where to find these to make the most of the opportunity!

Check out some of the best cashback betting sites below:


Best Betting Site for Cashback

Rabona is a great betting website, with loads of promotional offers for punters to choose from.

This includes awesome cashback promotions which return you 10% of your losses on all sports in the Rabona sportsbook!

They even have a special cricket cashback offer which gives you back 20% of your losses on cricket matches!