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A free bet is exactly what the name implies: a chance to place a bet without paying anything or risking to lose anything at all. When you place a free bet, it is the betting site who takes the risk for you.

In most cases, free bets are offered to players as a welcome bonus when they join a betting site. In other cases, free bets are offered to existing customers on a regular basis.

Free bets allows you to wager without risk!

A wide array of betting markets rely on offering free bets to retain their existing base of customers and to attract new ones. A free bet means that the wager can place a bet on the event of his or her choice without risking any money.

If it results in a win, the player can keep the profits. Even if you lose, you don’t lose real money. Before you plunge into the broad world of online gambling and betting, a safer option is to try your hand at free betting options.


There are lots of betting sites in India willing to give out some free bets. Some do it as a welcome bonus, while others give them as a promotion to their active players. See the list below to find the free bet that works for you.

Betting Sites with Free Bets

  1. Betway: Gives out regular Free Bets to active players
  2. Unibet: Rs. 2,500 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
  3. Royal Panda: Rs. 5,000 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
  4. ComeOn: Gives out lots of cricket Free Bets
  5. Earn Free Bets every day
  6. LeonBet: Offers a nice Free Bet welcome bonus.
  7. Pure Win: Get up to Rs. 10,000 in Free Bets!


Free bet is a term that can have multiple meanings depending on the context in which it is used. Most of the people mistake universal sign up bonuses as free bets. In some cases, it is true, but not all sign-up bonuses are free bets. Some platforms also hand out free bets to existing customers as offers and promos.

Most bookmakers don’t enable players to keep the free bet amount. However, wagers can withdraw their profits. In most cases, there are no additional requirements, but some sites set specific waging requirements.

In some instances, the winnings on the free bets have to be played a few more time before withdrawal to the user’s account is enabled. Some operators also put up rules as to which market users can target while using free bets.

Betway: A free bet paradise for Indian players

Betway provides lots of regular free bets for their loyal players

If you like your free bets, then Betway is a great place to be!

Although Betway does not provide any free bet welcome bonus, they do have an ongoing promotion known as the “Free Bet Club” wherein you can earn free bets every single week


Most betting sites allow customers to use free bets on any event in their sportsbook, from cricket to football, tennis to kabaddi, and many more.

Hence, you can wager with your free bets on cricket tournaments like the Indian Premier League and the ICC Cricket World Cup, as well as football competitions like the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League and the Indian Super League.

With free bets in your betting account, you not only get to enjoy these great tournaments, but you also get the chance to bet on them for free!

When you make winnings with free bets, your original stake is deducted from your winnings, while the net value is usually transferred to your main betting account. This is the amount that you will be able to withdraw.

Note that free bets are often restricted to sports betting, and cannot be used for other online gambling forms like casinos and virtual games.

Free bets India


How an individual qualifies for a free bet entirely depends on the bookmaker in question. Most betting sites offer free bets as a welcome bonus whereas some offer them for regular users during an offer period.

Most sites demand a deposit before enabling users to avail the benefits of free bets. However, some exceptions to this rule also entitle players to utilize a “no deposit” free bet, although they are rare.

Even if a site does offer this bonus, the betting sites usually put up a massive set of complex requirements that need to be fulfilled before players can withdraw their free bet profits.


Once you have been awarded a free bet, it is important to utilize it judiciously. Most users take it casually and fail to make any cash out of it. Even though they don’t have anything to lose, keeping a casual approach to free bets is not exactly a wise move.

On that note, let us take a look at some tips that will motivate you not to waste the opportunity and make the most out of it.

  1. Be realistic with your expectations for profits
    Don’t expect to make massive profits from your first free bet.
  2. Try new strategies
    Use your free bet to try new strategies.
  3. Repeat what works
    Once you’ve found a strategy that works for your temper and your budget, stick with this strategy and use it in your day to day game. This is how you will make money in the long run.

Unibet: Free Bet Welcome Bonus up to Rs. 2,500

Unibet offers all new Indian players a generous free bet

As an Indian player, you can get a free bet worth up to ₹2,500 when you create a new account. Unibet will match your first deposit and give you a free bet of the same value. All you have to do is click the green “Join Unibet”-button below.

Go big on welcome bonus offers

One great way of taking advantage of free bets is by going big on welcome bonus offers. Not all betting sites have free bets as part of their welcome packages, but when you do find any, make sure you maximize these offers and get some good free cash to start off your betting adventure!

Betting sites usually place maximum limits on the value of their welcome bonus offers; hence, it is very important to pay close attention to this limit and push as close as possible to it.

Let’s take Betway as an example. This bookmaker offers new customers 100% of their first deposits as free bets, up to a maximum of 8,000 Indian Rupees. This basically means that the site doubles the value of your first deposits, but stops at 8,000 Indian Rupees.

Maximize your welcome bonus value by getting as close as possible to the maximum limit.

If you make a first deposit of 1,000 Rupees on Betway, you are rewarded with 2,000 Rupees. If you deposit 4,000 Rupees, you get 8,000 Rupees as free bets. If your first deposit goes beyond 4,000 Rupees, your free bets value stays at 8,000 Rupees since that is the maximum value.

Obviously, the amount of money you can deposit depends on your financial strength, but we advise that you go as big as you can afford so that you can extract the best value from these welcome bonus offers. You will appreciate this strategy down the line when you start benefiting from the subsequent free bets!

Some other betting sites that offer free bets as part of their welcome bonus packages include Royal Panda and Bet365; so go ahead and sign up with any of these bookmakers, go as big as possible on the bonus offers, and start enjoying your free bets!

Use the hedge betting strategy

In very simple terms, hedge betting involves placing a counter-bet on an original prediction so that you can make profits or cut losses. Free bets come in very handy in this situation!

Imagine a scenario where you have wagered on the Mumbai Indians to defeat the Delhi Capitals in a crunch IPL fixture, only to discover that Mumbai talisman, Rohit Sharma picked up an injury just before the start of the match. This clearly puts your original bet in some jeopardy.

Not to worry! If you have free bets, you can quickly use them to wager on the opposite outcome. This provides a form of insurance on your original bet, and crucially, it doesn’t require you to spend any extra cash.

By using free bets to hedge your bets, you get to earn some money either way without losing any extra cash.

Even if Mumbai go on to win the match without Rohit, you get your initial winnings, and if the Capitals win, you also make some decent money without having to spend more than your original stake. It is a win-win situation! This is fantastic, isn’t it?

This strategy also works beautifully in long accumulators and outrights betting. Take for instance a 10-fold accumulator on which nine events have come good. Instead of waiting for the final event and risk wasting all your hard work, you can take matters into your hands by using your free bets to wager on the opposite outcome of that final event. See why it is important to have free bets in hand?

So go on and claim any of the free bets offers you find on this site and increase your chances of making more money!


Admit it, we all are fascinated by free stuff no matter how trivial it is. The joy of obtaining something without spending a penny on it is indescribable. Now imagine earning profits without investing a dime! Isn’t it exciting?

Well, this is precisely how players feel when they win with free bets. The feeling of knowing that you won’t lose any money even if the best is lost is priceless. On that note, let us take a look at some benefits of free bets.

More room for experiments

When you have nothing to lose, you have more room to experiment with different strategies. When you try your hand at different games and different strategies, your skill improves.

However, doing this with your own money can be expensive, and that’s where free bets come in handy. Free bets give you a chance to examine your mistakes and correct them in the future.

Practice makes perfect

In most cases, players don’t have the opportunity to practice new strategies with a clear mind due to the risk of losing money. They stick to the same mediocre strategies because they are afraid to experiment.

But when you don’t have to fret over monetary losses, you can concentrate on building a powerful strategy with each win and lose. The gains help you know your strong points and enable you to apply those in future bets. Losses help players determine their weaknesses and work on them in the future wagers.

Frequent Occurrence

The best thing about free bets is that most of the bookmakers offer them beyond a welcome bonus. As long as you keep yourself up to date with the latest offers and promos, it is highly likely that you will find plenty of free bets on a regular basis.

Royal Panda

Have a royal good time with a free bet of Rs. 2,000

Royal Panda gives all new customers a free bet worth up to ₹2,000 when they create a new account! This free bet can be used on any tournament or match of your desire. It’s a great way to get started winning some cold cash without taking any risk!


You can find the best free bets right here on Mybetting!

We give recommendations based on countless hours of researching all the betting sites that are available to Indian players, and we even make exclusive deals with the betting sites, so that we can offer you the best possible bonuses when you sign up!

Now, let’s take a look at some of the important factors you should consider when accepting to take a free bet.

1. The expiration date

Having a free bet doesn’t mean you spend it haphazardly. Plan it well and adopt an effective strategy before using it up. However, don’t wait too long as most free bets have an expiration date.

When you are credited with a free bet, it is mandatory to use it within a specified duration. The period depends on your bookmaker, but it is usually somewhere between 2-3 months. Different betting sites have different expiration dates for free bets.

if you fail to bet within the prescribed duration, the bookmaker will forfeit your free bet. Another requirement to be met before the expiration date is the conditions set by the platform for wagering.

Another reason leading to the forfeiting of the amount is the inability to meet the wagering requirements by the players.

2. The amount

Most players are naturally attracted to sites that offer a higher betting amount. This is the most popular marketing strategy used to entice new customers. But you have to keep in mind that a more significant amount doesn’t necessarily ease out all your betting odds.

In most circumstances, a hefty amount comes with a plethora of complicated terms and conditions. Requirements for minimum odds and other wagering requirements have to be scrutinized appropriately beforehand.

While that may not always be the case, it is a wise move to check the conditions, expiration date and other aspects before blindly opting for the biggest possible free bet.

Before choosing a free bet, check out the terms and examine whether they are favorable to you. If you think a betting site offering a smaller free bet amount provides greater flexibility, it should be above on your priority list as far as online betting is considered.

3. The wagering requirement

Sometimes you need to pass a wagering requirement before you can withdraw your bonus money. The wagering requirements are different for each bookmaker. If the conditions are too severe to exercise, consider switching to a different betting site.

Generally, all the betting sites found here on Mybetting have some of the most relaxed wagering requirements on the market.