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Esports betting sites are becoming a common sight  – Esports is growing faster than ever, and as a result, more and more players are looking for an esports betting site to call home.

So if you’re an esports fanatic, or if you simply wanna dip your toe into the exciting world of esports betting, you’ve come to the right place.

If you enjoy e-sports betting, you’re in luck – there are dozens of great esports betting sites!
And if you’re new to the world of esports betting, you probably have tons of questions – but don’t worry, in this article, we’ll answer all your questions related to esports betting and betting sites!

Are you ready? Then let’s get started!


With so many esports betting sites to choose from, it beckons the question: which one is the best and which one should you select?

All esports betting sites have something unique and special to offer – however, there is a handful of esports sites that are remarkably better than the others.

We have created a top 3 of the best esports betting sites, and if you’re still not sure which site to join, we recommend that you check out one of these 3.

Top 3 Esports Betting Sites

  • Betway Esports – Sign up Now
  • Parimatch Esports -Sign up Now
  • Melbet Esports – Sign up Now

Betway Esports

Best Esports betting site

Betway takes the trophy as the best esport betting site in India.

On Betway, you will find a dedicated section of the sportsbook dedicated to e-sports betting.

Here, you can view all the upcoming esports tournaments and betting events.

Placing a bet on an esports event is simple, and Betway even lets you live-stream all their esports events for FREE!
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Betway esports

Parimatch Esports

Biggest selection of esports betting

Parimatch is a newcome esports betting scene, but they are perfectly positioned to become one of the best esports betting sites.

One of the reasons for this is that they offer the biggest selection of esports betting options on the market.

Whereas competing esports betting sites only offer betting odds on the big events, Parimatch has a wider selection which includes many smaller events as well

So if you want access to a big selection of esports betting events, we definitely recommend joining Parimatch

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Parimatch esports

Melbet Esports

Best odds on esports betting

Melbet is another one of our top recommended esports betting sites, and the reason why we love Melbet is that they provide the highest esports betting odds on the market

Getting the best esports betting odds is important, because the higher odds you get, the bigger your profits will be.

If you’re looking to make money on esports betting and maximise your profits, then Melbet is the esports betting site you’re looking for.

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Depositing money on an esports betting site can be tricky – especially for us Indian players. That is why we have only included esports betting sites that make it easy for Indian players to make deposits and withdrawals!

All esports betting sites included in this article accept deposits with Indian Rupees via one or more of the following deposit methods:

  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • PhonePe
  • Google Pay
  • Indian NetBanking
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency
  • And more

In our experience, the easiest esports betting site to make deposits and withdrawals on is Betway Esports.


All of the esports betting sites featured in this article offer some type of welcome bonus to new players.

Most of these welcome bonuses come in the form of a deposit bonus, meaning that the esports betting site will match your first deposit.

Let’s take an example to illustrate how this works:

You deposit Rs. 5,000 on Betway Esports and Betway will give you an extra 5,000, leaving you with a total of Rs. 10,000 to start your esports betting adventure!

Esports Betting: How it works

Esports betting is a lot like traditional sports betting. The main difference is that you’re betting on the more modern electronic sports such as CS:GO, rather than betting on classic sports like cricket and football.

But in practical terms, esports betting follows the exact same procedure as sports betting.

To illustrate this, we will show you how to bet on esports using Betway as our example.
How to bet on Esports
Betting on esports is easy – especially on an esports betting site like Betway which has one of the best and most user-friendly betting platforms on the market.

Once you’ve opened the Betway esports section, simply follow the steps below to place a bet on esports:

Click on the esports tournament you want to bet on. Example: BLAST Premier CS:GO
Then click on the event you want to bet on. Example: G2 vs. Furia
Clicking on the event will open up all the available betting options. Select the outcome you want to bet on. Example: Dignitas to win.
Now, the bet slip will open up on the right side of the screen. Type in how much money you want to wager, then click on Bet Now to place your bet

Esports live betting allows you to bet on esports in real-time!

Most esports betting sites offer live betting to some extent, but some sites clearly have a better live betting experience than others.

Once again, it’s Betway who leads the field when it comes to esports live betting.

They have the most interactive esports live betting platform of any betting site we know of.

Betway esports live betting


If you’re a true esports lover, chances are you’re gonna love live-streaming esports and watching your favorite gamers battle it out in real-time!

With Esports Live Streaming, you can watch all major (and minor) esports tournaments and follow along with the action as it happens.

And the best part is: it’s completely free.

Most esports betting sites offer live streaming of esports free of charge. What’s not to like about that?

Parimatch offers the biggest selection of esports matches, and all matches can be live-streamed for free!

Betway esports live betting

Esports games you can bet on

There are so many different games that you can bet on within the esports genre, and each game is as different as football, cricket, tennis and golf.

Some of the most popular esports are CS:GO, DOTA 2, FIFA, and League of Legends – and these are also some of the most popular esports to bet on!

Some of the less common but also very popular esports that you can bet on include Hearthstone, Global Offensive, Call of Duty, StarCraft II, Overwatch and many more.

Players are specialised within certain games, and won’t necessarily be able to perform well in other types of games.

Each game is different – a pro-FIFA player would not make a very good Counter-Strike player – just like Lionel Messi would not make a very good basketball player.

In addition, each game offers different betting options that we players can bet on, and to be successful, you must apply different betting strategies according to the game you’re betting on.

We will now go through some of the different esports and explain what makes them unique. We will also talk about the different betting options you can utilise on that specific game.


CS:GO betting is, hands down, the most popular esports game to bet on. It’s like the cricket of the esports betting world.

CS:GO (also known as Counter Strike Global Offensive) has become popular due to the fast-paced intensity of the games. It’s fun to play, and it’s highly entertaining to watch as well.

A CS:GO match is played between 2 teams and every match is played on 3 different maps. The team that wins the most maps is the winner of the match.

Betting options on CS:GO include the common ones like Match Winner, Number of Maps Won, Number of Kills, and also more specific options like Which team will win the pistol round, Knife Kills, Molotov Kills, Grenade Kills, and much more.


DotA 2 (also known as Defense of the Ancients) is an online multiplayer game with an extensive fanbase all over the world.

DotA was first developed as a mod for the original game of Warcraft by fans of the game series. The game became popular in the early 2000s.

Since then, the developers of Warcraft hired the mod developers to create DotA 2 as a follow-up, and this game has grown even more popular than the predecessor.

The objective of the game is to defend your base (known as your Ancient) and destroy the opposing team’s Ancient at the same time.

DOTA 2 Betting Options include match-winner, number of maps won, correct score, first blood, number of kills odd/even, and more.


League of Legends (also known as LoL) is another one of the most popular esports betting games on the market.

League of Legends is similar to DotA 2 in that the objective of the game is very much the same: you control the hero and must attack the enemy base while defending your own.

However, League of Legends is much easier to learn, and thus it has a rather larger following compared to DotA 2 which has a steeper learning curve.

If you’re a fan of League of Legends, then you’re definitely gonna want to try LOL betting.

League of legends betting


There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of esports tournaments all over the world, and one needs to be a regular esports encyclopedia in order to know them all. So we’ll tell you about the most important ones.

CS:GO Major Championships:
This tournament is held annually and is sponsored by Valve, the developer behind CS:GO. The total prize pool of these tournaments is US$1,000,000 and there are 24 teams competing for the prizes.

CS:GO Major Championships is considered one of the biggest esports tournaments in the world, and you’ll be able to bet on this event on any esports betting site of your choice.

The International:
This DotA 2 tournament is one of the most popular tournaments in the world. In addition, it has one of the greatest prize pools worth more than US$30,000,000

The tournament is a group stage format and consists of 18 teams. It’s typically held in August and the venues change every year. Betting on this esports tournament can be done on pretty much any esports betting site worth it’s salt.

League of Legends World Championship:
More casually known as Worlds, this is the biggest LOL tournament in the world and features multi-million dollar prize pools. With a viewership of almost 100 million, this tournament is one of the most-watched esports tournaments in the world.

The Worlds tournament is played between 22 teams where a time is eliminated if they lose a match. Betting on the LOL world championship can be done at any of the major esports betting sites, where you can also watch the tournament via live streaming!


Esports is growing in India as well, and there are many local tournaments popping up all over the country. This includes events like COBX Masters, League of Legends India Champions Cup, ESL India Premiership, Ultimate Battle and more.

These tournaments cover many of the most popular esports like LOL, DotA 2, Global Offensive, StarCraft II, FIFA and more.

Most of the big Indian tournaments are covered by the world’s major esports betting sites, so you should have no problem betting on these events!

Esports india

Get started Betting on Esports
Having read through all the information provided in this article, you should be ready to start betting on esports.

To get started, we recommend joining Betway Esports, one of the best esports betting sites in India.


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